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MAP and student goal setting


Placing students as full participants in their assessment and academic planning has been an ongoing practice across Poway Unified School District’s classrooms. Utilizing the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test from the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), the district has been developing formative assessment techniques that directly engage students and their teachers in instructional decisions. A core practice of this work is the development of class and student target goal setting. In this process students identify specific target strategies to support a curricular area. This has served as an excellent motivator for students as they can directly see their personal effort result in academic learning.

The MAP assessment individualizes assessment data by altering questions for students based upon previous responses and then uses computer adaptive technology to target each student’s instructional range. These test ranges are supported by the NWEA Descartes Learning Continuum. This comprehensive tool gives students and teachers specific learning objectives tailored to the learning level of each student. The full complement of MAP resources includes goal-setting materials, parent information, videos of our teachers and students using goal-setting in action.